NH & VT Excavation Permits

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sand-gravelThe New Hampshire State Legislature acknowledged the importance of the sand, gravel, and stone industry (aka aggregate industry) to the State’s economy when it authored the Purpose Clause in the 1989 amendments to RSA 155-E (the State excavation regulation). The regulator of excavation activity (local Planning Board, in most cases) best serves the regulated community when it has knowledge of the legislative intent and case law relative to RSA 155-E.

Sand, gravel, and stone are the main ingredients of basic components which are important for maintaining the infrastructure of our communities such as asphalt (for roads, driveways, parking lots, etc.) and ready-mix concrete (for building foundations, bridge piers & decks, etc.).

In New Hampshire, the material is also used for:

septic sand & stone
75%-80% of NH housing starts rely on septic systems
road sand
used to help tame NH roads during winter weather
crushed gravel
used to build & maintain rural road and residential driveways
used to stabilize stream and river banks, thus helping to protect the integrity of NH surface waters
stone ballast
used by the NH railroad companies to help stabilize tracks
used in nearly all residential, commercial, and industrial development projects
light-weight concrete
used in the construction of buildings (e.g. Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Hanover)
specialty concrete
used for the construction & maintenance of state bridges
roofing stone
used in applications relative to structures utilizing flat roofs
check dams
stones used to provide the means for protecting NH surface waters
hard pack
material used primarily for driveway surfaces

Additional Resources

RSA 155-E

Armed with knowledge of legislative intent and some case law, RSA 155-E can be read with greater understanding.


Reclamation is an important element of RSA 155-E. Incremental reclamation and standard reclamation requirements are clearly articulated in the statute. Click to the Reclamation page to learn more about seed mixes, methods used to reclaim these droughty sites, etc. Photo albums serve to explain the material.


This section answers some of the most common regulatory questions facing the aggregate industry. If you have a comment or question regarding the topic, please feel free to send an email or request more information.

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