Purpose Clause

Ch. 363 (1989)

363:1 Purpose

The legislature’s language used in the Purpose Clause states in part,

“The general court finds that availability of construction material affects the cost of roads and other governmental infrastructure. Whenever the supply shrinks, prices increase. Although New Hampshire has an abundance of sand, gravel, and deposits suitable for production of construction aggregate, their availability is being curtailed by development, over-regulation, or both (emphasis added). Making up for dwindling supply raises the cost of production and transportation. This in turn raises the cost of roads and other public infrastructure. Additionally, it is clear that the existing local regulatory scheme needs clarification. Useful material is available only where it has been deposited, and if it must be transported long distances, the cost of construction increases. Thus, existing sources of supply must be identified and utilized, without undue disruption of local land use plans and patterns, without creating simultaneous state and local regulations of the same activity, …”

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